Pushing Forward- B Campaign

Pushing Forward MBA Scholarship

Supporting Inspiring Minds
MBA Cost After Scholarship: $5,550

Scholarship Eligibility: 

  • Enroll in the Masters of Business Administration Program
  • Demonstrate permanent residence outside of the USA
  • Remain continuously enrolled and earn a 3.0 GPA or higher each semester 
graduate Mariana Reyes 2019

About the scholarship

CIU alumnus, Dr. John “Push” Gaines was named one of the top 10 most influential people of 2020 and CIU is proud to be part of this huge milestone.

In his honor, we want to provide the same opportunity for individuals worldwide to make an impact in their communities and careers.

That is why CIU is committing to this scholarship for the remainder of 2020. Together, we are pushing forward.


Strategic Networking

A Strategic Networking experience designed to create valuable connections. Relationships don't just happen; they develop through dedicated effort and ongoing promotion. At CIU, we create opportunities to foster meaningful connections that advance your career goals.

Executive Career Coaching

You will be assigned to an executive career coach with a background aligned with your career aspirations. An executive career coach will help you get the most out of what you learn in the classroom and help build your professional portfolio.

Global Immersion

A real understanding of how a global economy works can only be gained by experiencing it, and that’s why at CIU, you will have the opportunity to travel to a foreign country and learn of new perspectives and ideas. CIU is committed to developing global citizens, are you ready for the journey?