Fast Track Scholarship

About The Scholarship

California Intercontinental University is proud to offer our graduate students the FAST TRACK Scholarship which awards students 50% of tuition charged in scholarship funds per term for doubling up on courses. This is offered in order to provide more opportunities to further their education. The FAST TRACK Scholarship funds are awarded on a semester-by-semester basis.


a) Complete the section below and submit back to CIU within 5 business days from receipt of this form:
• Submit all application requirements
• Register for first term courses
b) Post in your classes on the first Monday of each term (contact your Student Services Advisor for details);
c) Maintain a minimum GPA per semester of 3.00;
d) Remain current with any tuition payment arrangements;
e) Maintain continuous enrollment throughout the program (Unless on an approved LOA);
f) Must be enrolled in CIU’s master’s program;
g) Scholarships are awarded to provide funding for out-of-pocket costs only;
h) Will not apply to repeat courses;
i) May not be combined with other institutional scholarships.

Please note that if you do not meet the requirements and conditions listed above, you will no longer be eligible to receive this scholarship. If you later meet the criteria, your scholarship cannot be reinstated.

How To Apply?

Please contact the Financial Aid department: or call +1-866-687-2258 and select option 3.