Why Study A Degree Online In 2024?

Traditionally after graduating high school, one would proceed to take a start a degree program at the university of their choice, find a job in their field, consider a gap-year to return and complete a master’s degree, and possibly work towards a doctorate. The structure was very rigid, and each person would generally follow a similar education path, as it was the norm. This has changed in recent years with the ability to study a degree 100% online. Online degrees have been designed in a way to allow you to study in your free time, after your full-time job, or/and on the weekend. Classes have now all become virtual, which doesn’t require you to be in the lecture theater at a specific time; each class can be watched through an online educational platform at any hour of the day, and from your home comforts or wherever you wish.

CIU recommends to study a degree online because:

1. Study a Degree Online For Financial Reasons

In the image below, Usnews.com shows the average tuition and fees for public in-state, public out-of-state, and private colleges across U.S.A for 2019-2020. As we can see, the average for a public in-state university being $10,116 per year. The majority of bachelor programs are 4 years long, therefore the full cost will be more than $40,000; however, this doesn’t account for relocation and living expenses, which will bring the total cost to surpass $80,000.

At CIU, the total program cost to study a four-year bachelor’s degree online is $60,705, and there are no relocation expenses due to being 100% online. Many of our students also study in-and-around their full-time job, therefore their living expenses do not increase or decrease from studying with us.

2. More Flexibility

University programs that take place on-campus require students to attend classes at various times during the day. These programs are generally designed for full-time students who don’t have many life commitments. Do you have a child, a full-time job, or other activities and commitments that don’t allow for flexibility? This would make it very difficult to near impossible to be able to juggle everything without being left behind in one aspect.

A great advantage of distance learning programs is that you can pursue your education goals by studying when you want and where you want. You can make your own schedule; for example, if you’re a night owl and plan on studying after your 9-5 job, you have long lunch breaks that you would like to take advantage of, or you are an early bird that plans on studying before your other daily commitments, you can make it fit into your lifestyle.

As long as you have access to a computer, laptop, or tablet, with a stable internet connection, you can study an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree online. You can study from a learning environment that works best for your needs: your desk, your bedroom, the local library, or your favorite coffee shop.

You can now plan study time into your daily schedule, rather than planning your day around your studies.

Of course, there are still deadlines and assignments that need to be submitted on time.

3. More Time-efficient

With an online program being 100% online, this, of course, means that there are no commuting times to university, no break time between lecturers, nor travel time from lecture room to lecturer room. We mentioned this within the flexibility section, but by taking each lecture at the time you wish, allows you to completely manage and design your schedule to your liking. If you prefer to study before work, during a lunch break, in the evenings, or even on the sofa whilst watching Netflix… now you can!
woman studying degree on laptop from home
The time saved will depend on personal factors, but many students save hours per day by studying online. This provides them with further free time to work on other personal goals or time to relax. Study in your time, on your schedule.

4. More Current and Up-to-date Material

By studying online you can have more confidence that the course content is up-to-date with current trends and information. Lecture videos and notes are centralized, meaning that it is easier for professors to edit the information. Especially in the business and information technology sector, data and information are constantly changing, therefore you want to make sure that not only are you learning the foundational principles but also you are learning the most current tools and knowledge to be able to graduate with the best prospects.

5. Greater Personable Experience

Currently, due to studying 100% online still being relatively new, there are fewer students enrolled in online programs than at a standard campus-based university. This is extremely advantageous for online universities as they can provide a greater and more personable experience for each student. Individual feedback and regular check-ins will ensure that you never feel left alone.
At CIU, students are known on first-name bases and are able to feel part of a family. This personal support will help foster the business and entrepreneurial spirit in you so that you may achieve your career goals. Count on a faculty where 96% hold a Doctorate degree and 100% hold at least a Master’s degree. Therefore, we understand your struggles and the difficulties that you face/will be facing.

6. Studying a Degree Online is Pandemic-Friendly

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has caused huge disruptions across all campus-based universities. Some universities do not have online platforms in place for exams to take place, therefore students’ studies and exams have been canceled for the time being. There are now concerns that these university programs hold less value, due to being changed to meet new requirements. Whilst being a student and studying extremely hard towards graduating and accomplishing your personal goals, distractions and disruptions are two things that you do not want to exist surrounding your studies. If you study a degree 100% online it removes any of these worries or doubts. At CIU, thankfully we haven’t been impacted by COVID-19, all students have been able to continue studying as they normally would.

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