For Online Doctorate Programs,
Accreditation Matters

Meeting Academic Goals

For any aspiring student looking to begin their educational journey, a school’s accreditation is important. It certainly matters to us, as we want to make sure that every student that graduates from our programs can do so feeling confident that their degree, whether it is at the Associate level or even for a DBA degree, will be recognized in their area of work. This is particularly important for those who are looking for the best DBA programs, as not only will they acquire additional expertise in their field but will also need the recognition that goes with it. This is especially important for working professionals, who not only are looking for the best online DBA programs, but also need to be sufficiently satisfied that their efforts will be recognized. 

Why Accreditation Matters

It really cannot be understated that accredited programs, especially accredited DBA programs, add credibility not only to the educational institution itself, but also to the students who achieved the diploma they have worked so hard to acquire. Many career defining positions within a company require a corresponding level of education, those opportunities may be out of reach for those who, despite their proven talents, lack the knowledge the degrees impart to truly succeed. Maintaining this standard ensures that our programs are up to date, meet minimum standards, and are constantly under review. This allows us as an educational institution to assure that our online doctoral degree programs are at the forefront of their respective fields in both the tools available for students, as well as the knowledge imparted.

The Best Standards for Online Learning

As California Intercontinental University is mainly a business-orientated school, we recognize that businesses have had to scramble to adapt to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This has resulted in an increased interest in distance-based learning, particularly for distance DBA programs. Fortunately, CIU has years of experience in bringing the best quality of education for Doctorates, whether it is in the Business Administration side, Strategic Leadership, Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Health Administration, Executive DBA, and more. Indeed, CIU maintains a wide variety of Doctorates online that working professionals and other aspiring students can enroll in. Since all courses are 100% online, with 24/7 support from faculty and staff, any determined student can balance the needs between their family life, working duties, and their academic responsibilities, something that is usually quite challenging when considering studying in a traditional, brick-and-mortar, campus.

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