You may want to start your own business and don’t want to start without any knowledge. Today we come to recommend you some book titles with helpful information so that you can take your first steps as an entrepreneur.

1. Self-employed survival manual: Being autonomous and not die trying.

By the name, we will call it “Manual,” this will help you a lot if you are starting as an entrepreneur. It will help you in your first steps. This implies the legal procedures that must be carried out before starting a new business.

2. Personal MBA (Josh Kaufman)

This is a dense book that teaches some disciplines of an MBA, such as strategy, marketing, management, etc. The author’s valuable topics are diverse, but you won’t find anything on financial topics. He tells you what you need to know to master the art of management in an accessible and practical way.

3. Rich dad, poor dad (Robert Kiyosaki)

This is the most popular book on entrepreneurship, aiming to develop and use personal skills and provide foundations, knowledge, and education on financial stability.

4. The black book of entrepreneur (Fernando Trías de Bes)

Contrary to almost all books on the subject, this title shows the dark, raw and realistic part of being an entrepreneur. In it, you will find all the problems that arise when starting your own business. These most common mistakes are usually made, and analyzes the key factors of failure and define the traits that a true entrepreneur must have: motivation and talent to see something special in a company. The idea that others may already know.

5. The art of starting (Guy Kawasaki)

This is one of the best motivators for starting a business. The book will not give you guides or techniques to carry out your new venture. Explains how to turn a product, service, or idea launch into a sales success. It seeks to make you think on have new ideas and different perspectives that will help you when it comes to undertaking.

6. The Hero´s Plan (Daniel Vecino)

This book is, in a nutshell, a battle plan for establishing strategies that will lead your business to success. It includes a battle board, which makes it highly dynamic and easy to read.

7. The Last Startup method (Eric Ries)

Provide concepts to create agile startups that work with viable products, methods, and systems. Its premise is that your ideas about your product are worth nothing, and it teaches you how to validate it in the market, building it from scratch through failure and continuous learning as mechanisms to evaluate your product.

8. The Art of War (Sun Tzu)

This is a true classic. This book raises military strategies that are 100% applicable in different areas, as it will help you prepare for conflict resolution. The author teaches to detect the weak points, strong points, and the possible conflicts at which you can arrive so that you can anticipate and combat them before starting.

What is the best book for you?

You already have books for a good time. If something is clear, it is that you can achieve it!

Choose the books that best suit your needs, or read them all! Knowledge does not occur, and if it helps you create your ideal work, all the better!

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