If your master’s degree is starting to get old in your mind, and you’re looking for a new way to stimulate your intellect, maybe a doctorate is the next step for you!

What Is A Doctorate Degree?

dba graduate photoA doctorate or doctoral degree is the highest level degree you can earn. It symbolizes that you’ve reached the pinnacle of knowledge in a specific study area and involves significant research and argumentation.

At California Intercontinental University, you can do a traditional dissertation or opt for a Doctoral Research Project (DRP). While a dissertation is more research-intensive, a DRP provides real-world learning and leadership opportunities in a more practical way and allows you to provide your solution to a current challenge in the field.

Outcomes of Earning a Doctorate Degree

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Upon graduating from CIU with a DBA, individuals may be qualified to pursue executive positions and manage large teams in the workplace, pursue entrepreneurial opportunities to create their businesses, or work in an academic capacity as professors.

The program encourages executives, college or university professors, and consultants to use their professional backgrounds to explore, design, and manage large systems in increasingly multifaceted and multi-sectored economies’ complex organizations.

A doctoral program is also a serious commitment with a serious return on investment. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2017, the median weekly earnings of a person with a doctorate was $1,743, compared to $1,173 for a person with a bachelor’s degree.

How Long Will It Take to Earn Your Doctorate?

working at deskOur DBA programs require the completion of 60 credits of coursework. At CIU, students typically complete that DBA in two and a half years. Students are allowed up to eight years to complete their studies.

CIU offers 100% online doctoral programs, allowing you to study in your own time, around your schedule, and at the pace you want to take.

Is a Doctorate Degree Right For Me?

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A doctorate might be the perfect fit for you if you’re looking to advance your career, meet the requirements of your dream high-level position, or increment your credibility for teaching or consulting.

Other reasons you might want to pursue this degree include wishing to apply a particular subject to a real-world scenario or provide new contributions to the field.

At California Intercontinental University, we offer the following doctorate program options:

  • Doctorate of Business Administration
  • Doctorate of Business Administration in Global Business & Leadership
  • Doctor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship & Business Management
  • Doctorate of Business Administration in Healthcare Management & Leadership
  • Doctorate of Business Administration in Information Systems & Enterprise Resource Management

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