The growth and development of technologies in the last decades have led to many institutional and educational changes. One of these changes has been the increase in distance learning programs, which allow students to have equal access to education that suits their passions and aspirations without having to be physically present in the traditional classroom.

If you’ve been pondering whether or not distance learning is for you, take a look at this list of critical benefits that could help you make a decision.

1. Affordability

person with their walletThanks to distance education, the costs of courses have been significantly reduced, offering higher quality education at a lower price. This is possible because there are no overhead costs for classrooms, campus maintenance, and other teaching or research facilities.

Additionally, students are relieved of other expenses associated with student life on campus, such as travel costs, on-campus living, and expensive textbooks. At California Intercontinental University, all E-books are included in all your classes.

2. Location

working on a laptop
Your education shouldn’t be tied to a location, which is why that is a significant benefit of distance learning. Location freedom will allow you more free time, eliminating commuting times.

Online classes allow you to complete coursework anywhere you’d like—from your kitchen, living room, office, or coffee shop. CIU was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, so we wouldn’t want you to choose between traveling for business or getting A’s. Your coursework will always be accessible regardless of your location.

3. Global Partnerships

handshakeOne of the most significant benefits of distance learning is the group of people you will be sharing classes with. It is likely that your online classmates will be based around the world, allowing you to develop global partnerships and exposing you to more diverse perspectives.

International viewpoints are especially critical when you aim to join a global workforce or business, as these viewpoints will allow you to gain cultural insights from other professionals within and outside your industry. Access to this wealth of international approaches and connections through projects and discussions wouldn’t be possible in a conventional academic environment.

4. Flexible, self-paced learning

reading a kindle
Distance learning will allow you to balance work and home life, as your lectures will be available online 24/7 and accessible from anywhere you’re located.

This benefit of distance learning mainly benefits highly independent students who work and study, want to design their learning schedule, or simply want to pay more attention to certain areas of learning that could help them advance their careers, as synchronous learning is not a necessity.

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