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Irvine, CA – A new year means finding new ways to communicate effectively with current and prospective students. California Intercontinental University has partnered with Signal Vine, a company known as “the most impactful two-way messaging platform”, to connect with its students on a faster and more personal level. According to, research has proved that text messaging provides a channel to communicate timely and accessible information to critical stakeholders. In today’s generation, cell phones are the primary source of contact when sending an email, making a phone call, or sending a text message. Thus, it is the most accessible device for students today.

A New Norm

For this reason, CIU has invested in a text messaging platform that will help keep a consistent connection between faculty, staff, and students. During the year 2020, staff and faculty members at CIU noticed the increase in response rates when texting its students. As text messaging responses were on the rise, phone calls and emails were less likely to be addressed promptly. Therefore, California Intercontinental University has tried its best to text message its students individually to build a closer relationship and a motivational journey, no matter how time-consuming it became.

The Student Engagement Solution

After gathering the response rates and results from messaging students, CIU decided it was time to invest in a text messaging platform that would allow local and international staff members and students a more effective way of communicating. Following an extensive search for the right platform, the University concluded that Signal Vine would be the most indicated. The benefits CIU is receiving from this messaging platform are:

  • The ability to text as a team, which allows each department to work together and be current with which team member is texting which student. This benefit prevents sending out duplicate messages.
  • It helps the CIU team communicate with students promptly by sending out personalized messages to a large group of students at once, rather than one by one.
  • The Signal Vine platform allows staff members to schedule and manage messages that they plan to deliver to students at a particular time and date. It also provides team members with reminders when a text message is left unseen or unresponded.
  • The platform allows you to use automated messages to respond to common student questions using Signal Vine’s virtual advisor.
  • Each CIU team member can analyze their engagement with each student contact through the platform’s analytic feature.

As student success is CIU’s main priority, the University has concluded that Signal Vine will help faculty and staff create a closer relationship with its students. With the right messaging platform, California Intercontinental University will guide current and future business leaders through their educational journey in a more intimate manner. 

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