Getting a doctorate involves hard work and commitment, but not all doctoral programs are built alike. While some doctorate degrees online require a traditional dissertation, many other programs don’t. This means you can get your doctorate online and without a dissertation requirement.

If you’ve been pondering whether or not distance learning is for you, take a look at this list of critical benefits that could help you make a decision.

How is this possible?

studying for doctorateMany online DBA programs, such as California Intercontinental University’s, include capstone projects known as Doctoral Research Projects (DRP) instead of traditional dissertations. Our Doctoral Research Projects puts your learning to the test, while you solve real-world problems using the knowledge and skills you’ve gained during your studies.

Advantages of a DRP

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There are many advantages to opting for a DRP instead of a traditional dissertation. Doctoral Research Projects are approved by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and are equally recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Additionally, they involve less writing, giving you more time to invest in your business or spend with your family.

DRPs are also more practical than dissertations, as the completion time depends on you.

Why choose the DRP?

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As a doctoral student, you will learn research methods, plan and design your research, and present your findings in a scholarly paper, the DRP. The project’s purpose is to make an original contribution to your field by creating a practical, everyday solution to a real problem or current challenge using sound evidence and thinking.

The DRP’s components demonstrate your competence in research and research design, your subject matter expertise, and your command of critical thinking and academic writing. Additionally, the DRP will prepare you for the career path of your specialization.

While a dissertation is the most common capstone project, a DRP is an excellent alternative if you want to demonstrate your knowledge differently.

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