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Alumni Students Highlights

Alumni & Student Highlights

See what graduates are saying (Video)

Watch CALUNIVERSITY students and alumni talk about their experiences with our university.

I’ve had excellent support from the University [and] from the administrative staff, and I’ve actually had some of the best instructors I’ve had in any of the institutions I’ve been to
– Dr. Gordon Bennett

[The lecturers] took out their time just to share with us and to give us a world of knowledge, and that is more than you can even ask for at a traditional school.
– Joan Phillips

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Alumni Highlight: Arthur Mazhambe

“…every time I needed help, the faculty members were happy to assist. I thought of quitting a few times along the way. Hats off to Dr. Inserto for staying close to me and counseling me. I had some unique problems which she gladly addressed. The registrar’s office promptly responded to my numerous issues.”

Read more from our DETC Outstanding Graduate 2012, Dr. Arthur Mazhambe, as he shares his CALUNIVERSITY experience and future goals.

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Student Highlight: Thomson Lukose

“Determination and Consistency are two words that a student should never forget.You have to be determined that when you start something, you will finish it – in a timely manner. Every individual should have the determination to create and sustain fire in the belly to push forward. And to elevate the level of determination there should be a desperate quest for consistency. You set goals and you will meet goals on consistent basis. Set new goals and begin a new quest and reenergize yourself.”

Read more from final–year DBA student, Thomson Lukose, a Business System Analyst with JP Morgan

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Alumni Highlight: Kelly Nix

“To those who are considering furthering their education…DO IT. Don’t put it off. Every day that you wait is a day later that you will achieve your goal.
Don’t sit on your porch 20 years from now and think, ‘What if I had…?”

Read more from our recent graduate, Dr. Kelly Nix, as he shares his CALUNIVERSITY experience and his philosophy on education.

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Student Highlight: Rebecca Scott Young

“The only one stopping us from moving forward, may be the one we each see in the mirror. Take the first step and the other steps will follow… I knew if I wanted to keep advancing in my career and not become stagnant, it was time to go back to school.”

Read our interview with DBA student, Rebecca Scott Young, who tells us about her inspiration, aspirations, and her new book, Rich Tip$ for A Lifetime.

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